CJB Press introduces ZLAM!

ZLAM! is a brand new Open Card game. With the exception of the next card to be drawn, all of the information is exposed on the table encouraging¬†people to interact as play proceeds. ZLAM! is simple to learn and it’s not so much about the game itself as it is the play of the game. It requires interaction with team members and/or opponents and gets people playing with people. The simplicity and flexibility of the game allows players to tailor the speed and complexity of play any way they wish.¬†


3 Reasons ZLAM! is so incredible...

Grab Your Friends...
ZLAM! can be played by any number of players with any combination of individuals or teams. All ages and levels can play together with kids and adults teaming up or playing against each other. The game is rarely dominated by one player or team keeping all players interested over time.
Simple and Flexible
The simplicity of ZLAM! allows players to tailor the game to their own needs. At then end of the rules you will see how the game can be sped up, slowed down or manipulated to match players’ interests.
Easy to Learn
If you can count, you can play ZLAM! and if you can’t you’ll learn quickly. As simple as it is to learn, the use of strategy and technique become evident quickly. Similar to Poker, keeping track of what cards have been played, odds of certain cards being drawn, and being able to read and interact with others are key components to game play.