The deck has the following cards: For each color Red, Blue and Yellow there are two #1 and #5 cards, three #2 and #4 cards and five #3 cards. There are 15 ZLAM cards. The most common numbered card is 3. So stacks with 6 have the best chance of closing since 3 is the most common card. However, statistically, the most 9’s can be made with 2, 3 and 4. If a stack is at 9, you do not have to turn it over right away. You can wait and see if you draw a ZLAM card to increase your point total. You may close a stack that is at 9 any time someone has not drawn a card to play. Use both of these facts in team play to set up team members.

Since a player can hand off a card forcing you to play on one of your stacks, you don’t want all your stacks to count high early. If you have three stacks each at a count of 5, and a player draws a 5 from the deck, they will hand you that 5 and you’re out. Try to keep at least one stack with a low count or use team strategy to give on player the best cards.

As noted on the Official Rules page, the deck can be manipulated to suit the group’s needs. Add or subtract cards, mark a ZLAM! card as a wild card or name a card to allow a player to create a new stack when drawn. The possibilities are limitless and can be used to emphasize strategy or make the game simpler for younger players or kids learning to count. USE YOUR IMAGINATION AND HAVE FUN!!!